Orcas Activities

What to Know About Our Reopening Plan

Mt Baker Farm Basic Large Campsite

We will be reopening for camping on Monday, June 8th and want to make sure visitors are prepared for a few changes at Mount Baker Farm. Face Mask Requirements Before you make your camping reservation at Mount Baker Farm, you should be aware that face masks will be required on our train and inside of…

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Remembering Spike

We are very sad to announce that Spike the goat recently passed away. He first arrived at Mount Baker Farm back on May 7, 2017. He was barely one-year-old at the time. Spike was our only goat with horns and he used them…on everything. He was our rebel. One of his favorite activities, besides eating,…

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Mount Baker Farm Reptile Experience

Reptiles Experience camping on Orcas Island

Updated June 4, 2020: Due to recent events, we’ve had to re-home our beloved reptiles to a new, loving home. There’s nothing we love more than to see huge smiles on the faces of our guests. Our property is truly a unique place and most visitors don’t really understand HOW unique it is until they…

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Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at Buck Park

Gender Balance Ultimate Frisbee

If you’re an Ultimate Frisbee fan and love Orcas Island, we’d suggest you look into participating in the Shipwrecked on Orcas Ultimate Frisbee Tournament on June 8 and 9. Net proceeds from the event will benefit the Orcas Island Park & Recreation Program. Mt. Baker Farm is located right across the street from the tournament…

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Kayak Building at The Farm

Seawolf Kayak Orcas Island

Seawolf Kayak is back on Orcas Island offering the opportunity to attend a 9-day ultralight kayak building workshop. While it takes a special kind of enthusiasm to signup for a 9-day kayak building course, students who attend Seawolf Kayak workshops come from all avenues of life. Some novice kayakers are attracted to the construction process…

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New Year, New Reservation System

Mt Baker Farm Reservation System

As we head into a new year, we’ve been cleaning up campsites, have a new reservation system, and now can’t stop thinking about how springtime is right around the corner! We are truly excited to have guests back at the Farm! The animals are looking forward to some attention from kids, the train will be…

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Disc Golf Course at Mount Baker Farm

Disc Golf at Mt Baker Farm

An exciting new Disc Golf course will be offered at Mount Baker Farm on Orcas Island. We are so excited to be offering Disc Golf at Mount Baker Farm on Orcas Island. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sport, it’s played much like traditional golf. But instead of using golf balls and…

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