Mount Baker Farm Reptile Experience

Updated June 4, 2020: Due to recent events, we’ve had to re-home our beloved reptiles to a new, loving home.

There’s nothing we love more than to see huge smiles on the faces of our guests. Our property is truly a unique place and most visitors don’t really understand HOW unique it is until they stay with us.

Our walk-in campground concept allows safety for our guests. Kids are able to roam and ride bikes through the camping areas without fear of oncoming vehicles. Scheduled train rides, a petting farm, and a disc golf course are also amenities offered to our guests. Our Reptile Experience may be our most popular offering though.

During the summer, on most Saturdays, we offer a Reptile Experience. Led by our good friends, Errol and Kathleen Speed, guests are able to interact with, touch, and even hold our reptiles. Kip is a bearded dragon who feels safest while cuddling on people’s chests. Gerty and Gary are gopher snakes. And Tiggy is a ball python who will make herself at home on your arm.

The reptile experience at Mount Baker Farm.

Come camp with us, experience Orcas Island, and encounter everything that makes up Mount Baker Farm.