Remembering Spike

We are very sad to announce that Spike the goat recently passed away. He first arrived at Mount Baker Farm back on May 7, 2017. He was barely one-year-old at the time.

Spike was our only goat with horns and he used them…on everything. He was our rebel. One of his favorite activities, besides eating, was to pull up the fencing around the corral with his horns, escape, and then help the other goats get out. He thought it was hilarious to get out and then crawl back under the fence to get back in. We finally had to nail down the fencing.

We’ve given many talks to kids about why Spike had horns and why we did not believe in removing horns from goats. But we also had to explain why people do remove them – something they understood more after seeing the torn up fence and missing shingles from the barn.

More than escaping the corral, Spike’s greatest pleasure in life was eating. He loved to stand by the fence and eat hay from the hands of all our young campers. His favorite food was…well, anything, but he especially loved bananas – which he rarely received. He also loved chewing the shingles off the barn.

Our favorite memory of Spike was the time that Lois-Ann the chicken got on him. It was back when we used to free-range our chickens, and Lois-Ann flew up onto his back while he stayed completely still and did not move a muscle. He just stood there like a statue, giving us plenty of time to take several pictures of them. He kept completely still until Lois-Ann finally flew away.

We’ll miss Spike immensely and would love to hear your favorite stories about him and see photos you may have taken of him. Rest in peace, Spike!