Respecting our Local Resources

If you’re headed to Orcas during 4th of July weekend, help us keep the islands clean!

This weekend as visitors travel to Orcas, and to our campground, we want to remind travelers and campers to be aware of their effects on our local resources. In an earlier blog, The Trouble with Trash, we explained the high costs associated with garbage disposal in the islands. Every item that is brought to the island and left by visitors has an incredibly long and costly journey into the waste stream.

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing some unusually large pieces of trash left by campers so we wanted to once again encourage visitors to respect our island resources. In the past we’ve seen dead air mattresses, broken camping chairs, empty boxes, and more recently things like a large cooler. If you have over-sized items that you’ve brought with you like those mentioned, please take them back with you and dispose of them in your local waste stream.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to keep your Mount Baker Farm experience as enjoyable as possible!